New Product Announcement - 1/32 scale German Jagdpanther (Early version)


Whats new with the Jagdpanther?
Basically the principle is simple, we kept the good features and improved the bad ones. Jagdpanther was one of the early models produced by Unimax and the best-made ones, featuring working suspension, many open hatches, partial interior details etc... 


What we have done to improve....

a. New packaging with individual box sleeve design, the box design is inspired by the camouflage patterns

b. New large size battlefield display base (More details and 25% bigger than the medium size version)

c. We attempted to fit a full engine inside the tank but it was unsuccessful because as mentioned in the past, during our acquisition there was NO DRAWINGS, so it would be difficult to modify its original structure and thus, we kept the original. That does not stop our petrolhead passion, we created an engine stand to display the HL231 full engine, petrolhead fans could place this beautiful engine with rotatable stand in front of their work station 

d. New camouflage painting (you will probably notice in the old days, many camouflage patterns were inconsistent, that probably has to do with the paint templates expense 

e. Selected the correct plastic materials for durable parts such as suspension arms. (We used polycarbonate PC to solve this issue)

f. We painted the interior as well, back then it was all painted in white

g. New weathering effect

For more details, please see URL of our new website;

Should you guys have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


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