Sneak Peak of the new 1/32 scale Sherman M4 series


Our first Sherman variant is the M4 with 105mm Howitzer and VVSS suspension. It will feature a full detail R-975 radial engine, this time not only we are making an engine, we even build the engine compartment details too. The front driver and hull front machine gunner hatches can be opened. Most of the surface tools (hammers and axes) are detachable. Fully functional Volute spring structure design and new sandbags decoration. The drivetrain cover is a separate part, unlike the FOV-unimax M4A3 where the drivetrain cover had a big jointing line.


The FOV-unimax Sherman M4A3 moulds are officially retired, but we will make their parts available to buy as spare parts for those who had broke yours. It will soon be available in our new website under "Spare parts" section. 


Stay tuned for our new post, Sherman M4A3 with 76mm gun and VVSS suspension.

** Some of you may ask? Why we are keep showing 3D prototypes? Over the course of our development, we discovered that the most time consuming part during a new product development is actually NOT making moulds, instead it is research and 3D model building. Once 3D model are proven correct, tooling would normally take only less than 3 months.

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