Sneak Peak of the new 1/32 scale U.S. Sherman M4A3 (76)W 3D Prototype


This is the second model of our new Sherman M4 & M4A3 series (which consists of 8 models in total). We have been asked so many times in the past why FOV had not released any 76mm version of Sherman, we would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that we are just as confused as you guys??? Thats probably the reason behind the new Sherman release this time, we want to make it with no regret, begins with M4 and M4A3, in 2021 we will move onto M4A1 and M4A2. 


For those of you who bought our new 1/32 scale British Firefly Vc would have seen the A57 multi-bank engine. This time, we are taking the level of details further, it is not just a full engine, the new Sherman series also include full engine compartment details. 12 months ago we found the original drawing of the 1/16 scale Sherman M4A3, part of our new Sherman series is based on drawings from the 1/16 scale. After reviewing many footages we found that the GAA-V8 can be further enhanced (Will post a comparison post next week to illustrate the differences!)

Thanks to those who had rebuild engine of the Sherman M4A3 and posted video in Youtube, we managed to see very clear views of the engine compartment WITHOUT the engine 

The 76(W) will feature T23 turret, which will be made out of metal, same with the hull. The main gun will be machined by CNC from aluminium tube. 90% of the tools across the hull surface will be made separately from the hull.

As shown previously, all new VVSS suspension will get a functional 1/32 scale real volute spring.  Stay tuned for the upcoming six other Sherman variants!

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