32nd scale aircraft fighters

Collectors love big and beefy aircraft models that catch the eye and imagination of hobbyists world over. That's why we are proud to bring back one of our most heavily requested fan favourites: 1:32 scale military aircraft. Each of these mighty and majestic tributes to dogfighting in World War II comes with a working retractable undercarriage, spinning propeller, fully articulated control surfaces and a seated pilot figure, just what you have come to expect from the trusted Forces of Valor brand. All you need do is wait for the signal from the control tower, and off you go into the wild blue yonder. 


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72nd scale Propeller aircraft fighter

Given our success relaunching the 1:32 scale military vehicle series, we knew you had equally high expectations for our 1:72 scale prop-driven fighter series. That said, it has always been our philosophy to build from a solid foundation - to start with an already excellent tooling then find ways to make it even better. One of the most important features found in our original line of aircraft was the power plant. Our Supermarine Spitfire, for example, boasts a meticulously detailed Merlin 46 engine, already a fitting tribute to the machine that helped to win the air war over the skies of London in 1940. So how then could we improve upon what was already a fine tooling? 


We think we've come up with the answer. Each revitalised aircraft now sits atop a decorative display base, based, in large part, upon the type of aircraft being portrayed and how it is best remembered by historians and collectors alike. Our A6M2b Zero, for instance, comes bundled with a section of aircraft carrier deck, the same type of deck that was used to launch the Japanese Navy's raid on Pearl Harbour in December 1941. Other planes, such as the Corsair and P-51 Mustang, come with sections of dirt covered runways, since many aircraft of the period were forced to take off and land from crude airfields oftentimes bombed into oblivion. And then there is the packaging, one of our hallmarks which we're now proud to introduce to the public. For starters, each model now comes with a poseable display stand, so that you can present the aircraft from multiple vantage points. And, of course, we're including hand-painted pilots, detailed cockpits and and even two different modes of showing off the propellers - both at rest and in-flight -- so you can display the model any way you see fit. 


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72nd scale Jet aircraft fighter

While we were one of the first mass producers of diecast military aircraft, we admit that some of our earliest efforts weren't exactly our best. Created out of heavy die-cast metal, many of the more intricate parts on each model should have been produced using other materials to better add definition and detail where applicable. Therefore, we have decided to literally as well as figuratively go back to the drawing board, this time around using sophisticated CAD packages and other model-building techniques to add more fidelity to each model without sacrificing weight, features or cost. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what we have in waiting in the wings and invite you to take a closer look at our revised 1:72 scale aircraft lineup. 

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