72nd scale model kits series (AFV)

The underlying concept of Forces of Valor model kits is simplicity, robustness and to be price friendly for the consumer.  The model kits series are designed in 1/72 scale, a perfect war-gaming size, imagine yourself spending 10 USD for the kit, however the paint adds up to be twice the cost of the kit, which for us that doesn’t make sense, That said, Forces of Valor model kits are injected with pigment, colours equivalents to those paints you would buy in hobby shop.  

For instance, all the World War II American armoured fighting vehicles are injected with Oliver Drab No.9 pigment, so even without painting the body, it still looks good.  Besides that the build structure of the kit itself is very rigid, even those at a lower price point. Forces of Valor does not compromise on tooling costs, we use as many sliding moulds as needed to create parts without gluing, in average it should take less than 30 minutes to build one.

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72nd scale model kits series (Aircrafts)

Very similar to the AFV series, the aircraft model kit series share the same logic, simplicity, robustness and price friendly.  Even the 10 USD kit  features intricate engine details. 

Take the Spitfire as an example, you can clearly see the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine occupying the aircrafts front compartment.  Every kit comes standard with a set of undercarriage so the aircraft can be displayed in both landing or flying position.  The impact of our aircrafts body colour to your eyes is tremendous compared to AFV, for instance the F4U Corsair features a beautiful blend of FS-15042 Dark sea blue pigment, that alone without painting would save you at least 10 USD right away.

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