16th scale Armoured fighting vehicle (Extreme Metal series)

In a word, wow! Anyone in the know has come to savour our incredibly detailed 1:16 scale Extreme Metal series like a glass of fine wine. In fact, many previously released vehicles have appreciated in value, commanding prices in the after market well in excess of their original asking price. Each of our impressive 1:16 scale fighting machines are heavy in the hand and candy to the eye, weighing in at well over 5 kilograms. 

Every vehicle features hobby grade painting, weathering and damage effects, as if they had rumbled off the battlefield and parked inside your home. Boasting working suspensions, fully detailed interiors, certificates of authenticity and much more, our Extreme Metal series has become the envy of collectors world over. 

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32nd scale Armoured fighting vehicle (Engine Plus series)

The Forces of Valor brand began way back in 2002 with our incredible 1:32 scale Combat Proven Machines line up. Put simply, they are the cornerstone of our entire range and will likely represent the heart of our business for years to come. Hand painted and meticulously detailed, our revamped range has been retooled accordingly, making use of the latest research and feedback provided to us. 

Each tank features free spinning road wheels, a rotating turret and elevating gun and, in many instances, now come with an integral and removable part that will further enhance their value and appeal. And, if that weren't enough, each armoured fighting vehicle still comes with a hand-painted tank commander, and some even come with an entire crew. The Forces of Valor brand is back and better than ever.

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72nd scale Armoured fighting vehicle

After the success of our signature 1:32 scale armoured vehicle series, many collectors wrote to us about how fulfilled they were after receiving their models, however as the number of products in their collection began to increase, they encountered a very common problem, storage issue.  Back in 2006 this led FoV to introduce the first 1:72 scale AFV series, even though the size is only 1/3 of the 1:32 scale, they are still meticulously detailed.  There are just as many die-cast parts used in 1:72 scale so its weight was still hefty compared to other collectors in the market.

Two things that significantly set Forces of Valor 1:72 scale AFV series apart from its peers; firstly keeping the free spinning wheel feature, for more than one decade, Forces of Valor is still the only die-cast manufacturer still able to offer this special feature in the 1:72 scale AFV collectible market.  Secondly, it is a Forces of Valor tradition to include a soldier figure with every vehicle.

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